Bob Hemenger

Naturalist, Educator, Saxophonist


Bob Hemenger is a Colorado based musician, educator and naturalist. His soulful approach to music and many years of teaching how indigenous people lived with the land have led him down many interesting roads.

His experiences include;  Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School instructor, director of Touch the Earth Camps, adventure travel guide,  high school teacher (Science, Special Education, Music, Wilderness Skills, Fine Arts Magnet Academy and ESL), as well as being principal of an alternative high school.

Bob is one of those musicians who is able to play with many different styles and musicians.  He has worked with five time grammy winner Victor Wooten and award winning singer/songwriter Darrell Scott.  He is known for his ability to step onto the stage and let the music guide him.

Bob teaches Nature classes and Saxophone during our Programs.