The Wooten Woods Experience Tour was a Huge Success!

25 participants, a quartet, 6 instructors, 6 students, 4 crew, 2 drivers, 2 parents, a keyboard sub for 2 days, 9 states, 12 cities, 13 shows, 2 tour buses, 1 birthday, and a whole lot of fun; the WWE Tour was exciting, educational, and an energizing experience for all. The audiences we mesmerized at every show. 

I thank everyone involved (including the audiences) for making the tour a Huge and Rewarding success. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsons: Hartke, Samson, Michael Kelly guitars and basses, DR Strings, and Berklee College of Music. A huge shout out to them for their invaluable support. 

We also thank our spouses, families, and significant others for their continued love and support.  

I don’t know if this tour will ever happen again, but history, memories, and our hearts will always know that we did it ... Successfully!  Nothing will take that away. 


Vix Camps